INsig2 at ERA Academy of European Law seminar "Obtaining e-Evidence when investigating and prosecuting crimes"
October 20, 2021 | Event


Once again INsig2 participated in the 2-day ERA Academy of European Law seminar “Obtaining e-Evidence when investigating and prosecuting crimes”. The seminar took place in Prague from 18-19 October 2021 and was organized in cooperation with the Czech Judicial Academy.

The main objective of this seminar was to train EU legal practitioners on the fundamentals of electronic evidence enabling them to gain an overview of the complex challenges related to criminal cases with tech/internet components. This event addresses online investigations with a particular focus on searches on websites and social media platforms.

The seminar consisted of three parts. The first part was opened with the topic “Technical issues and basic understanding of the internet architecture and concepts”, during which INsig2 speaker Petar Majić delivered a presentation introducing the participants with “Open source tools, computer forensics in the Cloud” and also demonstrating the methods of data acquisition, specifically physical and logical acquisition, the impact of encryption to digital forensics and the importance of encryption today, how to conduct a reverse image search, what the procedures and tools can be used while reviewing an offline webpage, and what are the difficulties or challenges while conducting a digital forensics analysis of a “Cloud”. 

The second part was focused on “Legal issues related to the collection and the presentation of e-Evidence in court” explaining the legal challenges of dealing with e-evidence (collection, evaluating, and admissibility) and how social media networks yield digital evidence of the planning and commission of crimes.

In the final part “Online investigations and handling of E-evidence - best practices”, speakers showed an insight into the handling of e-Evidence in court and challenges for the defense.