Privacy Policy


Personal data – purpose of collection and processing
Personal data which the visitors leave on a voluntary basis by completing contact forms at INsig2 website will be used exclusively for the purpose of providing information about INsig2 products and services from the area for which the visitor has shown interest during registration by means of the form.
INsig2 will use the internet service MailChimp for communication with visitors and that is why personal data are exported to the USA. Protection of personal data between the USA and EU is regulated by an international agreement, and between MailChimp and INsig2 by a signed agreement on data processing.

Rights of respondents
The visitor has the right to review and update his/her contact data at any time, and if he/she wishes these data to be permanently deleted, he/she can contact the e-mail address shown at the bottom of this document.

Personal data – legal basis for collection and processing
By downloading expert materials and offers, visitors of INsig2 website are clearly expressing their interest for individual areas of expertise and services provided by INsig2. In accordance with article 6.1.f of the General Data Protection Regulation, the legitimate interest of INsig2 is to inform these visitors about services for which they have shown interest, and it is considered that they expect and consider such communication desirable.
Every informational message sent to users based on the above described legitimate interest makes it easy to file a complaint to sending such messages, and in case of a complaint filed in such a manner, the same will be unconditionally accepted and acted accordingly.

Third parties
Except for the above described own requirements, INsig2 will not make personal data available for use to third persons.

Internet addresses
Internet (IP) addresses of users are used solely for preparing statistical reports by means of Google Analytics service. INsig2 cannot unambiguously identify visitors by means of an IP address.

For the requirements of preparing and monitoring visitors’ statistics, this website uses cookies – small files stored on the user’s computer in order to help optimizing the user experience.

The authenticity of the website server can be established by reviewing the certificate in the web browser.
Exchange of information from INsig2 server is secured by strong encryption.
INsig2 selects service providers included in the access to personal data made available for use based on risk assessment, and requests from every third person with the right to access such data the appropriate level of protection of personal data.

You can request additional information about personal data protection and privacy policy at, and you can contact the same address for exercising your right to privacy and personal data protection.