High Temperature Detection System
Upgrading Integrated Security System with a High Temperature Detection System
May 30, 2021 | News


INsig2 experts will examine your premises and existing security systems, and recommend the best solution for you. Moreover, along with high-temperature detection system procurement, we will fully integrate it with your existing security system, educate your employees to use the complete security system efficiently, and provide system maintenance solution.

Integration benefits with our integrated security system:

  • High-temperature detection system devices are successfully set up and integrated in just few hours.
  • Customizable temperature thresholds which activate the alarm in the integrated system
  • Ability to send messages, e-mails, alarm personnel, and even lock doors/portals in the case of high-temperature detection
  • Verification of activated alarms with video surveillance, leaving permanent trace available to be searched afterward
  • Possibility of identifying a person with high temperature configurable to user requirements
  • Creation of report showing all persons who have used the same portal in a certain time period (5 min, 10 min, 15 min) according to the times when a person with high temperature entered.

By analysing the equipment and the systems currently offered on the market, 2 products stand out with the speed of operation, ease of functionality, the accuracy of measurement, and their successful integration with our integrated security system.


A unique solution that in a just few seconds with full automation, simultaneously enables no-touch hand disinfection and temperature measurement on a wrist, with the possibility to alarm in the case of high-temperature detection, and a possibility to integrate into new or existing security systems.



  • Housing is made of weather-resistant high-quality stainless steel, connected to the network
  • Networking and user connection




  • Motion sensor activates no-touch hand disinfection
  • Container disinfectant level indicator and signalization




  • LED light colours signalize information on measured values, green or red, depending on whether the user has a high temperature


  • Detection of high temperature activates the alarm in INsig2 integrated security system
  • Event management of all portals from a central application


M-CARE system, from Metalis company, for high temperature detection is fully integrated with our integrated security system, including access control and video surveillance. Alarm activation by a person with high temperature, leaves permanent trace in the integrated security system, and collected data are archived and available for the creation of a report.

*this system is not a part of medical equipment, and as such cannot be used for medical diagnostic purposes


Based on the use of a hybrid thermal network camera and a blackbody calibration device. The camera has built-in analytics for face recognition and high-temperature detection. A separate blackbody calibration device maintains constant temperature as a point of reference for the camera and allows for customizable temperature thresholds. With the use of a calibrated device, the system achieves a temperature measurement accuracy of ±0,3°C.


It is important to design a traffic flow pattern, so each person can be connected with their information about temperature detection, and to ensure social distancing.




The expected average time to recognize the reference part of the face and body temperature measurement is less than a second after a person enters the detection zone



The system recognizes up to 15 faces at the same time, even with face covers, associating individual temperatures in a zone slightly wider than 2m and a distance of 3m from the camera.



In the case of high-temperature detection, the system enables local light and sound alarm or discrete alarm by sending a signal in an integrated security system. Verification of every alarm is video recorded, which leaves a permanent trace that can be searched afterward.


The high-temperature detection system is integrated with the access control within the integrated security system, highlighting all the advantages of using the system.

*this system is not a part of medical equipment, and as such cannot be used for medical diagnostic purposes

INsig2 experts will consult you on the integration of the high-temperature detection system and on your existing security systems.

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