INsig2 partnership with ProDevice
June 16, 2021 | News


Electronic media data remover devices

The cooperation of qualified engineers with the most outstanding scientific units results in the implementation of the most advanced development projects related to modern technologies in the field of data removal. ProDevice products are currently sold in more than 30 countries around the world through an extensive network of Partners. Becoming a part of that network and proud partner of ProDevice, INsig2 now provides ProDevice products to the whole region. 

Besides equiping you with your own ProDevice products, we also offer service of renting ProDevice products. Destruction of your electronic data carriers can be done at your location, ProDevice products are easy to transport and come in practical boxes with wheels, equipped with brakes. Also, demagnetization and destruction of data devices can be performed at our location, in the INsig2 laboratory, under the survaliance of our experts. 


ProDevice Products


ProDevice degaussers are the most modern devices for removing data from magnetic media in the world. Based on many years of experience of our engineers, they are based on the best components and patented and innovative technologies.

Prodevice  ProDevice ASM240
ProDevice ASM240 degausser generates a strong magnetic field (20.000 Gauss=2T) and cooperates with mobile App.

Prodevice  ProDevice ASM120
ProDevice ASM120 degausser with PPMS technology generates a magnetic field up to 11,000 Gauss.


ProDevice shredders are the highest-class devices for the physical destruction of all types of data carriers: hard drives, magnetic tapes, tablets, mobile phones, SSDs, etc. All models have been designed and tested by engineers at our R&D center.

Prodevice  ProDevice MMD360+
The manual media destroyer ProDevice MMD360+ is a perfect solution to securely destroy all your 2,5” and 3,5” hard drives, SSD disks, tablets and mobile phones.

Prodevice  ProDevice DGX02
Mobile, automatic shredder ProDevice DGX02 (Data Grinder Xtreme) is the latest generation device for the final, physical destruction of all types of data media.

Prodevice  Steel pin
A pin for ProDevice destroyer MMD360+ is produced with the use of high quality steel. It is dedicated for destroying of data media.



Prodevice   Prodevice

ProDevice DSS

The ProDevice DSS (Drawer Storage System) cabinet is a perfect solution for secure storage of data carriers (magnetic tapes, disks, floppy disks, etc.).


ProDevice products ensure compliance with the mandates regulations and security guidelines.
Work on degaussers and shredders is carried out in ProDevice modern R&D center, fully-equipped and adapted to scientific research end experiments. The selection and characteristics of the measurement equipment have been prepared based on detailed consultations with eminent scientists from scientific units: AGH University of Science and Technology and the Institute of Electron Technology.