INsig2 Integrator of S2 NetBox Access Control Products
May 25, 2021 | News


Intending to provide the best technology in security integration, INsig2 now offers S2 NetBox access control and event monitoring system.

S2 NetBox products are feature-rich access control system, that offers unmatched speed and reliability. The products centralize credential-based access control, intrusion detection, and video applications, for a unified, 100% web-based management experience. The ability of the system to work on existing infrastructure and peripheral devices makes deployment easy. With the growth of organization and need, migration to larger access control systems is seamless.


Get familiar with the S2 NetBox products to learn the scope of their ability.


S2NetBox, a solid-state appliance, serves a range of applications from small business to field offices of large enterprises. The device works with existing infrastructure, it is flexible and scalable, supports up to seven application blades and up to 32 S2 Nodes. It tightly integrates with S2 NetVR series video management.



S2 NetBox Extreme, a solid-state appliance, works with existing infrastructure, it is flexible and scalable. It supports up to 64 S2 Nodes, making it suitable for mid-scale deployments. It tightly integrates with S2 NetVR series. Large, distributed enterprises can centrally manage multiple S2 NetBox Extreme controllers with S2 Global.



S2 NetBox Enterprise is ideal for large, complex security deployments. From any browser, features such as person record and cardholder management, event and alarm monitoring, threat level escalation and reporting are accessible. No software to install, it integrates with S2 NetVR, and S2 Global.



S2 NetBox Online, supports up to 32 S2 Nodes installed at a single location or across multiple sites. System works with existing card readers and requires minimal IT support. System information is stored in the cloud at highly secure data centres.



S2 NetBox Virtual Machine is ideal for organizations that choose to implement an access control solutions on their preferred hardware platform. Offers many different features that are accessible from any browser. It tightly integrates with S2 NetVR, and with S2 Global.



S2 Global is both network-efficient and cost-effective. The system integrates SMS and VMS appliances directly, eliminating the regional chokepoints that are a significant problem for legacy systems. Using S2 Global, users have the safety and convenience of individually manageable small systems, with the efficiencies offered by central management and control.



S2 NetBox VRx delivers unified system management and administration, using only a web browser. Access control logs, event monitoring and video surveillance are seamlessly integrated and optimized for ease of use. S2 Global can manage multiple S2 NetBox VRx servers.



S2 NetBox VRx Quatro can be deployed as a stand-alone system for smaller sites, or as an enterprise level member on an S2 Global. Sites with up to eight recorded cameras and eight full access control points can be handled using a single wall mount enclosure. The appliance includes four slots for standard S2 application blades.



S2 NetBox VR delivers unified system management and administration using only a browser. Access control logs, event monitoring, and video surveillance are seamlessly integrated throughout the system and optimized for ease of use. S2 NetBox VRs can be tied to a single S2 controller for larger installations.



S2 NetBox VR Quatro’s base offering is licensed for four portals, with expansion options that support up to eight cameras and eight access control points. Quatro is a true IP network appliance: power, a network drop, and a web browser are all the system requires.



S2 Nodes is highly flexible components of any S2 NetBox system, S2 Nodes handle distributed processing and are the connection points for card readers, monitoring points, supervised inputs, relay outputs and temperature points. Access control and events from connected devices are aggregated to the user interface for centralized system management. 

Third party

As part of the S2 ecosystem, third-party access control products allow you to seamlessly migrate from a legacy system or work with a variety of devices including locks, readers and cards. We provide products from the following manufacturers to make it easy to cover a range of project needs: Allegion, Assa Abloy, HID, Mercury.



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