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Digital Forensics e-learning
January 26, 2021 | News


INsig2 in cooperation with Zyber Global Ltd presents you with a new e-learning platform with digital forensics courses intended for legal entities and IT professionals.  

Our vast experience working with legal entities, as well as with law enforcement, on a variety of different criminal cases, allowed us to understand specific needs for additional education and improvement of knowledge and skills. Therefore, we have created an e-learning platform with courses specifically created for judges, lawyers, public prosecutors, and IT professionals. Our goal is to provide exceptional, up to date courses, that can be benefited from all over the world.

Courses are designed as full-text reading courses and are available to participants to complete for several months. Each course consists of several chapters, each followed by a short quiz. At the end of the course, participants will go through a final assessment, a case study, in order to receive a “Certificate of Completion”. 

The main focus is to understand the basics of digital forensic investigations and digital evidence, legal aspects of digital evidence, understanding final reports, and how to present the evidence in the court of law.  

Our courses cover topics of legal aspects and procedures of evidence seizure from different digital sources, data that can be extracted from them and most importantly time and effort involved, in-lab processing, basics of cryptocurrencies and Dark Web, generating reports from different tools, an overview of options available in report generation and exporting evidence from the case that needs to be presented in the court.

Judges, lawyers, prosecutors and IT professionals, all over the world, can now easily access a wide range of digital forensics courses, tailored exclusively for their needs.

Digital Forensics e-learning