Vilius Benetis

Benetis Vilius
CEO, NRD CS Lithuania

Cybersecurity professional focused on projects development for law enforcement, national cybersecurity centers, government agencies and private corporations.
Experience in national cybersecurity strategy, policy development, incident response and resolution, centralized forensic labs establishment, OSINT instrumentation, early warning capabilities, and cyber-defense research topics.
Infosec infrastructure design, integration and implementation projects experience (for ex. SIEM, privileged users management, device and endpoint control, strong authentication, customized encryption solutions, forensics, GRC). Member of national cyber incident response task teams.
Leads a team of IT/cybersecurity specialists, with the goal of assisting organizations and nations to secure digital environment.
Active researcher, contributing to ISACA CSX and Council on Cybersecurity activities.
Currently at a position of CEO at NRD CS - a specialized cybersecurity company and a cybersecurity center of excellence for Norway Registers Development AS. He is also a member of the leadership team of ISACA Lithuanian Chapter.

Best practices of IT examination in Lithuania

The presentation will cover three sub-topics. The first part will shortly present Lithuanian forensic science system with IT experts and examinations. The second part reveals that practices of IT examination are the main achievements and problems in the system, including: the disparity among the tasks and questions for examinations, long examinations duration and lack of automation. Finally, the taken approach of resolving the challenges is explained, including the results of ongoing EU financed project will be discussed and main achievements presented


Best practices of IT examination in Lithuania