Thilina Manana

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Ondata, Spain

Thilina Manana is a regional manager and consultant at Ondata International. Prior to joining Ondata International, he worked at British giants Scottish & Southern Energy PLC and S&N Seasoning Ltd. Thilina holds a First Class Honours Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Information Systems from the University of Portsmouth and a National Diploma in Network Engineering and Telecommunication Systems.

Lawful Interception of Data and National Security

National security is the most important topic for the majority of world's governments. National security service officers traditionally conduct investigations by tracking suspects, collecting physical evidence, intercepting calls, etc. However, the majority of crimes are nowadays committed anonymously, using high-tech solutions such as encrypted broadband communication, SMS messages, online social network services, etc. These types of crimes are very difficult to detect without heavy high-tech equipment.
E-Detective is a forensic monitoring system that captures, decodes and reconstructs various types of internet traffic in real time, in accordance with ETSI, SOX, HIPAA, GLBC, ISO 270001 and SEC regulations. It is generally used for the surveillance of online activity, behaviour and organisations, data storage, forensic analysis and investigation, as well as the means of legal interception by supervisory organizations such as police, military, national security agencies, anti-terrorist agencies, etc.


Lawful Interception of Data and National Security