Stjepan Gluščić

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Ph.D., Police Academy Zagreb, Croatia

Stjepan Gluščić is a professor at the Zagreb Police College, where he teaches courses in criminal procedural law. He has published numerous professional and scientific papers, participated in the drafting of various legal regulations and cooperated with a great number of Croatian and international institutions.

Cybercrime in New Croatian Criminal Code

The Convention on Cybercrime of the Council of Europe today represents the European standard in the area of cybercrime protection. The adoption of the new Croatian Criminal Code, which should enter into force in 2013, should clarify all doubts arising from obligations prescribed by the Convention in the Republic of Croatia. Many point out that the normative state is already fully in line with the Convention. But is this the ultimate reach of the state for the protection in this area or can we expect further action? This question can be easily answered taking into account that the area of computer technology today represents the most dynamic area of life. Since the aforementioned act has not yet entered into force, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) for some represents a particular concern, while for others an invitation to welcome more proposals. Regardless of the fact that ACTA is not directly backed by any international organisation, it is believed that future activities related to its development may provoke dissatisfaction and even open expression of violence. Will ACTA related activities, even if ACTA is not adopted in the current form, demand further activity in view of prescribing prohibited behaviour in the area of cybercrime? That is the burning question. The purpose of the lecture is to give an overview of the newly adopted Criminal Code in view of the normative framework regarding cybercrime and circumstances prescribing the punishable behaviour in the area of computer technology.


Cybercrime in New Croatian Criminal Code