Patricia Ayodeji


Patricia Ayodeji, founding lawyer of E-PDP PROTECCIÓN DE DATOS PERSONALES®, is a British, dual qualified Civil Law and Common Law lawyer. Solicitor for England & Wales. Abogado for Spain. Her dual qualification means that she can practice both in Spain, & England and Wales. She has over 18 years experience providing legal services for SMEs and Multinationals, SMEs entrepreneurs, private individuals, & law firms. Specialities: Information, Technology & Communications Law, Privacy, & Data Protection Law, E-Commerce Law, and Intellectual Property Law. She works closely as an international lawyer with different Embassies and Governmental departments. Member of the Governing Council of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain. Awarded Civil Law Lawyer 2019 in Spain, from International Advisory Experts, having received exceptional commendation from her peers. Regular conference speaker on ICT Law issues in different European member states.

Social media & digital evidence. The Spanish approach

Analysis of two Spanish judgments. How social media networks yield digital evidence of the planning and commission of crimes, and assisted in cyber investigations resulting in the creation of solid cases against the defendants.

Case studies:
Judgment no. 1 June 2018 – Audencia Nacional, Madrid (National criminal & administrative court), Case No. 18/2018, Crime: Praise & defence of Terrorism, types of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp.
Judgment no. 2- June 2018- Audencia Provincial, Valladolid (Provincial court), Case No. 00184/2018, type of social media: Facebook.

Analysis of an on-going case:
Special case no. 20907/2017 - Tribunal Supremo, Madrid (Supreme Court)  'Crime' Catalan Independence Referendum 1 October 2017, types of social media: Whatsapp, Twitter...


Social media & digital evidence. The Spanish approach