Kornelija Ivanušić

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Judge at Municipal Court in Velika Gorica, Croatia

Judge at the Municipal Court in Velika Gorica. She participated in different stages of the implementation of joint regional project of the Council of Europe and the European Union "CyberCrime@IPA"- Regional cooperation in criminal matters - Strengthening capacities in the fight against cybercrime in South-Eastern Europe, including the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. During this project, she completed a training of trainers programme and became a trainer at the Judicial Academy of the Republic of Croatia and the pilot Regional Training Centre for judges and state attorneys from the aforementioned South East European countries, which was set up in Zagreb. By presenting the experience gained through CyberCrime@IPA project for the South East European countries, she participated as an expert in joint projects of the Council of Europe and the European Union "CyberCrime@EAP" – created with the same objective for Eastern European countries, including: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine, and CyberCrime@GLACY developed for the following countries:  the Philippines, the Republic of South Africa, Morocco, Mauritius, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Tonga.

Security measure of imposing a ban on Internet access

Through a brief overview, this presentation will try to demonstrate that the security measure of imposing a ban on Internet access, as set forth by the Criminal Code, problematizes the relationship between a legitimate interest for eliminating the circumstances that enable or encourage the perpetrator to commit another criminal offence and the degree of interference with the fundamental rights and freedoms, as this criminal sanction prevents the use of a number of services that have no effect on recidivism. This presentation will discuss the question of using equally efficient but less invasive measures of Internet access restriction.


Security measure of imposing a ban on Internet access