Gabriele Joudkaite-Granskiene

Director, Forensic Science Centre, Lithuania

Gabriele Juodkaite-Granskiene is a director of Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania (FSCL) since 2004. FSCL is a state forensic institution, established under Ministry of Justice in 1958 and performing 38 types of forensic examination, with the workload of 4300 cases per year. FSCL is accredited under ISO 17025 since 2010. Also she is doctor of law since 2003 and the title of PhD theses was “Formulating forensic conclusions and their legal evaluation”. She participated in preparation of draft law on forensic examination of the Republic of Lithuania, which was adopted in 2003. She is the president of Council of coordination of forensic experts’ activities since 2014.

Best practices of IT examination in Lithuania

The presentation will cover three sub-topics. The first part will shortly present Lithuanian forensic science system with IT experts and examinations. The second part reveal that practices of IT examination are the main achievements and problems in the system, including: the disparity among the tasks and questions for examinations, long examinations duration and lack of automation. Finally, the taken approach of resolving the challenges is explained, including the results of ongoing EU financed project will be discussed and main achievements presented


Best practices of IT examination in Lithuania