Antoine Normand

CEO, Bluebear, Canada

Mr. Normand is the CEO of Bluebear LES a software company specialized in visual data forensic. Mr. Normand is a technology and cybercrime expert. Mr. Normand delivered numerous conferences on the topic of cybercrime and visual data forensic to police agencies of Europe, Asia and the USA. On February 27th 2013, Antoine Normand was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his commitment to combating child exploitation on the Internet worldwide. Mr Normand is the Chairman of the Canadian Cybersecurity Cluster IN-SEC-M.

Fast Video and Image Carving with Lace Forensic Carver

With LACE CARVER as a standalone tool, forensic experts will be able to efficiently extract the evidence and import it using the JSON standard in all the various tools they choose to use to analyze and review the evidence. Very Affordable, Easy to install, Simple to use, Super-Fast and Rock-solid software for carving images and videos (and text documents) from any digital media in a forensically sound manner.  The LACE FORENSIC CARVER recognizes over 180 file types covering image, video, text, archive, and database files.


Fast Video and Image Carving with Lace Forensic Carver