"Open-source tools, computer forensics in the Cloud"
"Open-source tools, computer forensics in the Cloud" lecture at ERA
March 05, 2021 | Event


Online, March 8-9, 2021

ERA Academy of European Law online seminar is a part of a large-scale project sponsored by the European Commission entitled “Obtaining e-Evidence When Investigating and Prosecuting Crimes”. The objective of the seminar is to introduce judges, prosecutors, and lawyers in private practice from EU member states to the basics of internet investigations and issues related to collecting and presenting e-evidence in court.

This two-day seminar is divided into three parts, the first part starts on Monday, March 8, 2021, and it describes technical issues and a basic understanding of internet architecture and concepts. During the first part of the seminar, at 11:00 INsig2 will give a lecture titled “Open-source tools, computer forensics in the Cloud”, about encryption in the real world, what tools and methods to use in the process of reverse image search, and how to analyze a webpage or site that is offline. The lecture will also cover the difference between physical and logical acquisition of data from the computer, and how to conduct data acquisition from the Cloud.

The second part, which will take place during both days, covers legal issues related to the collection and the preservation of e-evidence in court, principles of dealing with digital evidence, what are common procedures for recognizing and handling evidence on digital devices, search and seizure of evidence in international investigations, and challenges related to cross-border access to data.

The third part covers the best practices of online investigations and how to handle e-evidence, how law enforcement use cover internet investigations and legal hacking to collect evidence, how to handle e-evidence in courts, and the best practices of collection, authentication, and evaluation of digital data in the framework of legal proceedings.