Open Source Intelligence Training (OSINT) Analyst
June 07, 2021 | Event


Course Level: Intermediate

cal June 7 - 11, 2021

map Online

eng English language

tra  Training materials included

cert Official certificate

This course focuses on the ability to gather information on people and companies only from free online available sources for the purpose of financial investigations. In addition to using advanced web searches and other web sites, this course will be leveraging the tools available to look ‘under the surface’ of the internet, accessing data troughs database API’s like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. Participants will learn techniques on how to get information from the dark web, how to analyze cryptocurrencies, explore blockchain. A big part of the training is dedicated to money fraud analysis, cryptocurrencies transactions, online data exchange.

Basic understanding of open-source intelligence gathering and be comfortable with different kinds of online researching.