IOCTA webinar
INsig2 webinar “IOCTA 2020” (Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment)
November 19, 2020 | Event


Tuesday, December 1, 2020, from 14:00 to 14:45 CET, MS Teams Application

INsig2 webinar „IOCTA 2020” (Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment) covers the evolving threats of cybercrime described in this year's Europol IOCTA report. Data collection for IOCTA 2020 report took place during the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The presentation will showcase what was the pandemic’s impact on the development of cybercrime threats. How new threats have emerged for the first time in the EU, how some have become sophisticated in execution, and how some have exploited the human vulnerability and emotional sensitivity caused by the pandemic.

Key topics:

Voice biometrics

Voice Biometrics

Use of advanced speech synthesis, voice conversion or imitation, and recorded replay to try to spoof systems.
Case study - fraudsters used Artificial Intelligence to mimic CEO’s voice.


SIM swapping

SIM swapping

The fraudster, using social engineering techniques, takes control over the mobile phone SIM cards using stolen personal data.
Case study - over €3 million was stolen in a series of SIM swapping attacks.




As ransomware still remains the most dominant threat, attackers developed new pressure methods.
Case study - the attackers encrypted 5 GB of the company's data, resulting in $2.3 million ransomware



Raising awareness on phishing threats can be more impactful than focusing on disseminating high profile incidents.
Case study - hackers stole over 170 million 'combos' through a loyalty scheme program.


Webinar topics:
•    Current trends in the cyber world
•    2020 statistics
•    Case studies 
•    Guidelines and recommendations on protection against cybercrime

The webinar is intended for everyone who works in the field of information security and digital forensics, as well as IT staff, investigators, supervisory boards, and everyone who cares about maintaining their own security.

The webinar will be held in the English language on the Microsoft Teams application. Register for a webinar via this LINK