DFEG 2020
INsig2 at INTERPOL Digital Forensics Expert Group conference
June 16, 2020 | Event


DFEG 2020

INsig2, as every year, actively participates in the "INTERPOL Digital Forensics Expert Group" conference hosted by the University of New Haven. This year's conference, the fifth in a row, is being held online for 4 days over a 2-week period, given the COVID-19 situation, and has been joined by over 170 people worldwide. The first part of the conference took place on June 9 and 10, presenting the challenges investigators face in the field of mobile forensics, such as encryption and related services such as the Cloud System. One of the main topics of the conference was the open-source program – IPAD. The program can be used to process and analyze digital evidence, often taken from the crime scene by the police, or in a corporate investigation by private investigators.

Organized by the University of New Haven, the conference presented the first interactive digital forensic challenge for which participants had a week to provide solutions to a given scenario. The second part of the conference will take place on June 16 and 17, and presenters will share experiences of working on case studies from their countries through an interactive session that encourages participants to share knowledge and collaborate.

At this year's conference, there will also be an open discussion on the topic of best practices for conducting digital forensic operations during COVID-19