INsig2 at a 4-day online ERA Academy of European Law seminar
April 19, 2021 | Event


Online, April 19-22, 2021

INsig2 is participating in a 4-day online seminar “E-evidence: Legal and Technical Challenges from investigation to trial” organized by the ERA Academy of European Law in cooperation with the Court Administration of Latvia. The seminar is being held from April 19 till 22, 2021 and it has been developed for Latvian judges, prosecutors, investigators, and policymakers to familiarize them with forensic methodology, procedures for conducting digital evidence, hardware devices and storage media organizations, digital forensics tools, evidence processing and proper ways of writing a report.

The seminar opens with the topic of identifying the source of cybercrime, where INsig2 delivers two presentations “How the Internet Works” and “Technical challenges in identifying the source through IP addresses”. During the first presentation, participants will learn about the Internet Protocol and how it works, what kind of IP addresses exists, TCP/IP protocol, computer hierarchy, and the DNS System along with a few investigative tools. The second presentation covers topics such as VPN, and valuable data that can be found with VPN client software, the importance of Carrier-Grade NAT in preventing IPv4 address exhaustion, Dark Web, and how Tor browser works.

The second day of the seminar is focused on collecting content data from a different jurisdiction, where the INsig2 presentation “Cloud investigation” will demonstrate how to acquire google account data using “Google takeout” and data from the Thunderbird mail. The day will finish with a case study about how AlphaBay and Hansa dark web marketplaces were taken down in an operation Bayonet.

On the third day, the seminar topic is investigative techniques through invasive methods and OSINT, where we will explain through a presentation “Seizing evidence from social networks” how to acquire evidence from different social media sites, and problems faced during social network investigation. Afterward, two interesting case studies, a drone attack on the Venezuelan president in 2018, and the cat killer case from Canada will be presented to participants.

The last day of the seminar starts with the INsig2 presentation “Onsite searches” where different tools, sources of evidence, e-mail analysis, and web browser analysis will be explained. Following the first presentation, we will deliver a second one “E-evidence on mobile devices” with the topics on direct collaboration, how to overcome passwords and PIN codes, and smartphone backup cloud acquisition and analysis.