ERA Seminar “Investigating Web 2.0”
ERA Seminar “Investigating Web 2.0”
February 21, 2019 | Event


INsig2 lecture “Fundamentals of digital forensic investigations”

This seminar is a part of a large-scale project sponsored by the European Commission entitled “Investigating Web 2.0: practiceoriented training on internet searches for EU legal practitioners”. It consists of six seminars to take place in Lisbon, Dublin, Bucharest, Valletta, Barcelona, and Madrid. Participants were judges, prosecutors, and lawyers in private practice from the eligible EU Member States.

As the use of the internet and other computer networks has grown exponentially in recent years, so has the opportunity for unlawful online activities. Criminals can trade and share information masking their identity, make contact with and gather information on victims, and communicate with co-conspirators. This seminar will look at different forms of special investigation techniques to tackle internet crimes (remote investigations, online surveillance, covert investigations) and at the challenges posed by encrypted data, proxy servers and cloud computing.

INsig2 often actively participate in seminars organized by ERA. This time, a lecture “Fundamentals of digital forensic investigations” was held by INsig2 Director, Mr. Goran Oparnica.