Technical Partners

Technical Partners



Sumuri is a company specializing in worldwide training, hardware,software and services relating to digital evidence. Sumuri is also the home of PALADIN! Sumuri LLC opened for business to provide forensic training, services and products relating to the preservation, examination and reporting of digital evidence. Sumuri was founded by Steve Whalen, CFCE who has a wide range of experience and expertise relating to digital evidence. Whalen was co-founder of Forward Discovery, Inc., founder of Phoenix Data Group LLC, a 15 year veteran of the Delaware State Police, developer of the popular Macintosh Forensic Survivor Courses, Cellebrite Forensic Training and Certification Course, a popular free forensic boot CD and toolset in addition to developing several other courses which are taught worldwide.



Exterro was founded in 2008 based on the belief that e-discovery is a business process like any other, subject to measurement, management, and optimization, Exterro has grown organically and through acquisitions into the industry leader providing legal technology’s only comprehensive Legal GRC software platform. Exterro empowers legal and IT teams to proactively and defensibly manage their Legal Governance, Risk and Compliance (Legal GRC) requirements. Thousands of legal and IT teams around the world in corporations, law firms, government and law enforcement agencies trust our integrated Legal GRC platform to manage their risks and drive successful outcomes.


ADF is the leading provider of digital forensic, triage and media exploitation software with tools built for speed, scalability, ease-of-use, and relevant results.  ADF software quickly processes and analyzes smartphones, tablets, computers, external drives, drive images, and other media storage (USB flash drives, memory cards, etc.).  ADF software has a proven track record of reducing forensic backlogs, streamlining digital investigations and providing rapid access to digital evidence and intelligence.


Amped Software develops solutions for the forensic analysis and enhancement of images and videos to assist an entire organization with all investigations, starting from the field, up to the forensic lab, and then to the courtroom. The company focuses on developing the most advanced and complete, yet simple and easy-to-use technologies for all image and video processing needs related to forensics, public safety and national security. With an emphasis on the transparency of the methodologies used, Amped solutions empower customers with the three main principles of the scientific method: accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility.


Founded in 2002, Belkasoft is a computer forensics software manufacturer. Belkasoft products back the company Forensics made easier slogan, offering IT security experts and forensic investigators solutions that work right out of the box, without requiring a steep learning curve or any specific skills to operate Belkasoft Evidence Center 2014 is a world renowned tool used by thousands of customers for conducting forensic investigations, as well as for law enforcement, intelligence and corporate security applications. Belkasoft customers include government and private organizations in more than 50 countries, including the FBI, US Army, DHS, police departments in Germany, Norway, Australia and New Zealand, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Ernst Young.

digital intelligence

Digital Intelligence is a privately held company based in the State of Wisconsin, USA. Digital Intelligence was founded in 1999 with the mission of serving the computer forensics community. Today we offer a full array of products, forensic and e-discovery consulting services and training. Our customers include law enforcement, government agencies, corporations and law firms worldwide.

Hancom With


Hancom WITH is a world-leading research group of mobile and digital forensics, that has been dedicated to developing a forensic solution that supports digital investigations.
Since 2005, MD-SERIES mobile and digital forensics solutions have been made available to hundreds of global investigative agencies. Hancom WITH is specialized in the acquisition and analysis of mobile phones with Asian chipsets.
The company continuously engages with the customers, and now they are growing rapidly to be a global top mobile forensic company.


Founded in 1990, IACIS® has enjoyed steady international growth, maturing into a well-respected professional organization of international renown. Its greatest strength is its membership base, which consists of 1,760+ federal, state, and local law enforcement and professional computer forensic practitioners located in more than 60 countries around the world. Another of IACIS’s ® strengths is its basic and specialized training curriculum. As one of its primary core services, the training has served as the cornerstone upon which its professional certification was built. 


With more than 25 years’ experience, mh SERVICE GmbH is one of today’s leading providers and suppliers of products and services related to IT forensics. Europe’s only forensics supplier with its own hardware development and manufacturing departments. We produce solutions from smaller hand-held devices through to workstations, servers and accessories. As a system integrator we also design and build fully customised and fully equipped laboratories – either on site, on a truck base, in a van, or in a portable container.


NRD Cyber Security

NRD Cyber Security (NRD CS) establishes cybersecurity capacity and enhances cyber resilience to nations and organizations. The company specializes in the establishment and modernization of cybersecurity teams (CSIRTs) and security operations centers (SOCs) as well as cyber threat intelligence and managed security services. Also, company’s experts actively participate in the international cybersecurity community, develop and improve methodologies for strengthening cyber resilience.


Nuix is an Australian company founded in 2000 that produces a software platform for indexing, searching, analyzing and extracting knowledge from unstructured data, with applications that include digital investigations, cybersecurity, e-Discovery, data migration and privacy. The patented Nuix Engine is the world’s most advanced technology for accessing, understanding and acting on human-generated information. Its parallel processing and analytics capabilities significantly reduce the amount of work needed to analyze large amounts of data. Nuix has customers in over 30 countries, including leading enterprises, regulatory agencies, law enforcement and anti-corruption bodies, state and federal government departments, and the world's largest advisory firms. The company also takes part in various philanthropic initiatives.


OpenText, The Information Company™, a market leader in Enterprise Information Management software and solutions, enables intelligent and connected enterprises by managing, leveraging, securing and gaining insight into enterprise information, on-premises or in the cloud. 
First to market and still best in class, EnCase technology is used by hundreds of leading companies and government agencies around the world for Digital Investigations, E-Discovery and Endpoint Security.

Oxygen Forensics


Oxygen Forensics, a US based company founded in 2000, is the worldwide leading maker of the advanced forensic data examination tools for mobile devices. The company delivers Oxygen Forensic Suite, a universal forensic solution which covers a wide range of mobile devices running various mobile operating systems, and provides data acquisition and analysis capabilities. Oxygen Forensics' customers include various US and European law enforcement and government agencies such as the IRS, US Army, US Department of Defense, US Department of Homeland Security, European Commission, London Metropolitan Police, as well as Big Four companies, and many others.


ProDevice is a leader of innovative technologies on the market for destroying information from electronic data carriers.  The cooperation of qualified engineers with the most outstanding scientific units in the country results in the implementation of the most advanced development projects related to modern technologies in the field of data removal. ProDevice products are currently sold in more than 30 countries around the world through an extensive network of Partners.

tableauTableau Software helps people see and understand data. Offering a revolutionary new approach to business intelligence, Tableau allows you to quickly connect, visualize, and share data with a seamless experience from the PC to the iPad. Create and publish dashboards and share them with colleagues, partners, or customers—no programming skills required.

Teel Technologies Inc. first came to existence in the United States back in 2006 when Bill Teel began reselling products to assist Law Enforcement, Military and Private Sector organizations with their Mobile Forensics needs. This company has grown to now provide not only products but also consulting, training and forensic services in the Mobile Forensics field to all these entities. Seeing the need for these types of services in the Canadian market, Bill Teel has partnered with Bob Elder to create Teel Technologies Canada Inc.



Compelson Labs was founded in 1991 and is known for its pioneering products, such as MOBILedit, currently used by millions of users worldwide for many mobile phone-related tasks. Compelson phone content transfer products are used in phone stores and service centers around the globe, to help users easily migrate to their new phones.
Compelson's phone forensics products started the investigator industry of phone content analysis in 1996. For more than 20 years Compelson's forensic tools have been used by law-enforcement, military, and investigators in more than 160 countries to find evidence and fight against crime and terrorism.
With professional knowledge, Compelson  created a unique suite of consumer products, so home and office users can have the same powerful applications as the highest-level professional and enterprise users. 

Magnet Forensics


Magnet Forensics has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada by Canadian Business’s Growth 500 List in 2016, 2017, and 2019. With over 4,000 customers in over 90 countries, Magnet's digital investigation software is playing a crucial role in modernizing digital investigations.
With firm roots in law enforcement and government, and helping agencies fight cyber enabled crimes such as child exploitation, human trafficking and terrorism, Magnet Forensics digital investigation software also services corporations, including a number of the Fortune 100, in their fight against cyber crime. Organizations in technology, telecommunications, health care, and financial services have adopted Magnet Forensics software to investigate corporate fraud, IP theft, employee misconduct, and external threats such as ransomware, business email compromise, and malware attacks.



Chainalysis is the blockchain data platform that provides data, software, services, and research to government agencies, exchanges, financial institutions, and insurance and cybersecurity companies in over 60 countries. Their data powers investigation, compliance, and market intelligence software that has been used to solve some of the world’s most high-profile criminal cases and grow consumer access to cryptocurrency safely.


Grayshift is a leader in mobile device digital forensics, specializing in lawful access and extraction. Designed and assembled in the United States, the company’s flagship GrayKey technology provides same-day access, complete control, and comprehensive data extraction from mobile devices. Grayshift’s innovative solutions are purpose-built to empower law enforcement and government investigative agencies to resolve critical investigations swiftly and ensure public safety. GrayKey is not available to the private sector. It is available to law enforcement, public safety government, and defense agencies in select countries.                                                                 

MediaClone - Develops & Manufactures in the US one of the best high performing – extreme digital forensic imagining and complete portable forensic investigation units for the field. Also designs and manufactures multi-ports forensic drives imaging and network uploaders desktop units (up to 40 ports) for heavy duty use in forensic labs (including units to support NVMe). The units are Extremely Fast, configure with Dual Open OS, Expandable with Thunderbolt 3.0 port, supporting SAS/NVMe/SATA/USB, and remote capture from un-opened laptops, Virtual Drive Emulator, Forensic Analysis, Cellphone Extractions & Triage, and more. 



Cellebrite is the global leader in partnering with public and private organizations to transform how they manage Digital Intelligence in investigations to protect and save lives, accelerate justice and ensure data privacy.


Detego Global, the company behind award-winning digital forensics, case management and endpoint monitoring solutions trusted by military, law enforcement teams, intelligence agencies and enterprises worldwide.

With the increasing use of digital devices and the corresponding mass of data being generated, their solutions have become the preferred choice for rapidly gathering, analyzing and acting on evidence and intelligence.