Most of the efforts done are strictly related to developing and performing various courses related to digital forensics.

INsig2 has its own training center for forensic investigators. In addition to providing a number of specialized training courses offered by forensics equipment manufacturers, with official vendor certificate, INsig2 has also independently developed various courses. The courses are covering, from basic digital forensics concepts and procedures to advanced topics for experienced investigators. 

Equipment procurement

INsig2 is working with all mainstream forensic software and hardware.

INsig2 is a distributor for all mainstream forensic software and hardware, and therefore also provides the first line of support, consulting services on how to use the tools in a most efficient way, how to utilize them in a lab environment and provides all necessary info from the manufacturer. 

Ammunition and Explosives Storage

Our educated and certified experts are able to provide customers with a turn- key service.

The good storage is of crucial importance for the lifetime of ammunition and explosives and it cannot be built without integrated security and safety.


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International Presence

Our business model, that every client is unique and deserves an individual approach, procured us long-term cooperation with numerous clients worldwide. By using the knowledge and experience of our experts, as well as the support of our partners, we managed to successfully realize numerous opportunities on almost all continents.

Our markets